This is an excellent question. First, let’s talk about the posted Serving Size: The FDA makes us treat these products as a food product. And, as such, we HAVE TO post some arbitrary Serving Size on the product. But, it is just that, ARBITRARY. As for how much to take, please see Question and Answer 2 above.

Now, as for how many drops, this requires only simple math.

CHOI 100mg 1oml Bottle  – 100mg =10 ml So if you want to take 10mg = 1ml 0r 5mg = 0.5ml of the dropper

CHOI 200mg 1oml Bottle – 200mg =10 ml So if you want to take 20mg = 1ml or 10mg = 0.5ml of the dropper

CHOI 1000mg 1oml Bottle – 1000mg =10 ml So if you want to take 100mg = 1ml or 50mg = 0.5ml of the dropper

CHOI 2000mg 1oml Bottle – 2000mg =10 ml So if you want to take 200mg = 1ml or 100mg = 0.5ml of the dropper

CHOI 3000mg 1oml Bottle – 3000mg =10 ml So if you want to take 300mg = 1ml or 150mg = 0.5ml of the dropper

CHOI 10,000

95% 1ml = CBD 950mg, and Other cannabinoids 950mg

85% 1ml = CBD 850mg, and Other cannabinoids 850mg

75% 1ml = CBD 750mg, and Other cannabinoids 750mg

We suggest one simple thumb rule for all our products start with very small dose and if you start seeing results stay with that dose, if you are not seeing result you need higher dosage or higher percentage oil. Also you will require to increase the serving size gradually to attain results.