Few of the many CBD Success Stories Worldwide


CBD Success Stories!

Tiffany Youngs the wife of rugby star Tom Youngs has told how her terminal cancer is “gone” after a year of alternative therapy including cannabis oil.

Tiffany Youngs, 32, was told last year that the Hodgkin’s lymphoma she had been battling since 2013 was incurable and she could die within a month. She was diagnosed shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Maisie.

Tiffany embarked on a regime of conventional treatment, including a stem cell transplant. But in 2017 she was told that there was no hope. Read more…


Former NFL running back Christian Okoye says CBD oil can help manage pain.

“A few months ago, when I was introduced to CBD oil, I stopped taking those drugs because CBD Oil helped me to manage this pain,” Okoye said. Read more…

A grandmother of 10, who had a 33mm cancerous tumour in her breast, claims her cancer has not been visible for six months, which she credits to taking cannabis oil.

Lin Coxon, 69, from Willington, Derbyshire, believes she has beaten the disease, Read more…